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31.05.: Seminar des Instituts: Dr. Felix Loeffler (MPIKG), A novel laser-assisted microarray technology for chemistry

Screening as many different structures as possible for their properties rapidly and parallelized, is a key approach in modern biomedical research, drug discovery, and materials science. However, state-of-the-art technology still cannot cope with the required complexity of generating this diversity or is much too expensive. Therefore, we develop a laser-based method, which allows for an unprecedented combinatorial freedom in the generation of microarrays with very high spot densities. In each spot, a different type of defined material or molecule can be synthesized. Our highly interdisciplinary team advances this technology to pattern nanolayer spots ( < 1 ng per spot) of ''solid solvent'' materials, incorporating a multitude of different building blocks. This method offers new approaches in high-throughput screenings for life sciences, combinatorial chemistry, and materials science in the microarray format.
Raum 0.108, Haus 28 (Institut fuer Physik)
16:15 Uhr
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