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Innenhof des Physikgebäudes bei Nacht
Bild: David Gruner

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31.01.: Seminar zur Vorstellung eines Habilitationsthemas: Dr. Dmitry Rychkov, Charge stabilization in non-polar polymer electrets

Electrets are used in many areas of modern technology, where the reliable source of quasi-permanent electrical field is needed. One good example is the electret microphone â a device produced in billion quantities annually. In non-polar polymer electrets, it is the charge stability that determines the lifetime and temperature range of any application based on them. The charge stability, in turn, is associated with traps or localized states in the electret material. In the talk, the new approach to charge stabilization in polymer electrets will be discussed and illustrated with experimental results. The approach is based on controlled chemical modification of polymer surface in order to create energetically deeper traps for the electret charge. Corresponding mechanisms of charge storage and transport will be discussed as well.
Raum 0.108, Haus 28 (Institut für Physik)
16:15 Uhr
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